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When you are lured into buying Garcinia and the Colon Cleanse, you are told it is a "Free Trial", you have to pay S&H, therefore you give your credit card number, but NEVER are you told they will charge your CC with the price of the first bottle of both at the cost of $100.00+ for each and that will appear on your next CC statement.I called to find out what I got "FREE" and she said I got to try the product "free" but for 14 days only, not 30,...
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what a rip-off,$79.95 out of my bank account for ordering a FREE TRIAL,nothing in the package saying I would be billed such an amount if I did not cancel within a 14 day period,PLEASE BEWARE,look for that 14 day cancellation period or they will keep on robbing your bank don't even get to see any results before you lose your money! money lost before weight that should be the company's MOTTO!when you call to get your money back...
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Ordered trial for $4.99, supposed to be for 15 days.Didn't receive the Garcinia Cambogia for 12 days. 3 Days later, they charge my card for $180!! I call them up and they say the trial starts from the date of the order and that they will not issue any refunds! Total SCAM!!! The person on the phone already knew why I was pissed, she had rehearsed answers so they obviously do this to people all the time. This is a Horrible Business!Don't fall for...
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I didn't like
  • False advertising
  • Scam
  • Deception