Newtown, New South Wales
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Dear Garcium,

I am reporting this to the fraud team. I am not happy that you have taken hundreds of dollars from my card without consent!

My name is Jacqui my address is no longer .................., card number ending XXX.... as it was when I first purchased these tablets through facebook on a trial for $5.99 ONLY!!. I have not received any more tablets except the first lot as I DO NOT live at the address anymore and nor do I want anymore of these tablets just my money back! Please stop taking my money this is NOT at all legal!!

I want my MONEY back! You have since taken $445.95 from my account if its not returned ASAP I will be going to the police!

Monetary Loss: $446.

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just tell your bank to block them from taking money and also calling the company months ago would have helped.

oh and in future read the small print.


only live the required minimum amount in you card ,tell your bank why .wen you need money put in you need then go sright do a atn get it ou live the re.amount in again


You get those mofos arrested yet?

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